Waldorf toys have a purpose of educating children about the names, shapes, sizes, colors, and habitats of various animals. These toys serve as excellent tools for fostering imagination and creativity, particularly through role-playing activities. They are particularly well-suited for open-ended play, allowing children to explore their own ideas and stories.

Parents are encouraged to engage in playtime with their children using these toys and ask them thought-provoking questions. For instance, they can inquire about where a particular animal resides, what food forest animals consume, or even discuss the size and speed of these creatures. By involving parents in these interactive sessions, children can further enhance their learning experience.

Welcome! My name is Zsófi, the creator of FoziFolt, an environmentally conscious, creative mother from Hungary. In my small workshop, I create wooden toys for children.

My goal is to provide your little ones with toys that are not only beautiful but also of high quality and safe to use. Even the youngest ones can safely put them in their mouths. These toys are durable and can bring joy for generations.

At the same time, we don’t burden the environment because I make them from natural materials. Come and take a look at my store!

Original FoziFolt figure

-The product depicted in the photo is an example, small differences occur with each piece!

-A silky wooden animal made with great love and attention and hand-crafted.

-Untreated, durable hardwood.

-Treated with natural, child-friendly, salivary and sweatproof surface treatment materials.

-The pet’s design evokes the animal’s real shape.

-Representation compatible with Waldorf pedagogy.

-Natural colour, the paint does not conceal the grain of the wood.